November 2017
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5 Star News

Llainfran House has been awarded a fantastic 5 Star grading by “Visit Wales”

When Alison and I took over Llainfran in 2004, Llainfran was graded 3 star and slipping, by the then “Welsh Tourist Board” Since then we have constantly been working to improve Llainfran for our selves and our Guests. In 2007 The “Welsh Tourist Board” was Re-named “Visit Wales” under the Welsh Assembly Government, and all grading was combined with the rest of the UK to make a uniform grading standard across the whole of the UK.

Over and above our grading, we have invested heavily, to ensure Llainfran complies with the current Fire Safety regulations, Something, Surprisingly is not part of the star grading scheme.

We have lots more exiting projects up our sleeves, and this winter will see more improvements before we reopen in next Easter.

Our Guests obviously agree, take a look at our entries placed by some of our guests on “Trip advisor” for this year. We are at present standing at No 1 Bed & Breakfast in New Quay

We would like to thank all of the guests that found the time and inclination to place entries on Trip Advisor, and are very proud of our current ratings.

The Year 2010 And Bookings For 2011

We really did think that 2010 was going to be tough year for us due to the recession and all that goes with it. We understand that people have not got the surplus cash to throw around in these difficult times, and if they have, they need to hang onto it.

The year started off slow, and the election and the run up in May didn’t help but then things picked up and we were happy with the year as a whole, and it was great to see many of our regular customers again.

Here is a picture of Rosie, Katie, and Daisy giving the Guinea pigs their breakfast and a thoroughly good cuddle and groom.

During the school holidays we were full with mainly families and the children had a wonderful time and looked after the animals with great enthusiasm.

As usual we had a model making completion, which turned out to be a team effort, with a model of various aspects in and around Llainfran made all from recycled materials.  Here is a picture of our most prolific modellers with the combined model.

Left to right   Jake, Jessica, Katylin, Katie, Molly, Dan and Billy [the goat], who helped by trying to eat anything and everything.  Well done kids   Mike

During the summer we had various parties in and around the bar, which we opened for the occasions. We were lucky with the weather and sat outside in the sun mostly.  We had a party in June to Celebrate the National Eisteddfod, which was held here in Ceredigion at Llanarchaeron, and was a big event for the area. It was televised for a whole week.

Booking for 2011 Bookings are coming in at a steady pace for 2011 season. So don’t leave it too late to book your preferred dates,

Opening Closing dates for 2011.  Easter falls very late next year, and some school holidays are actually before  Easter, So we are Opening on Friday 15th April 2011  We will close on Sunday 25th September 2011, “a long way off I know”, but for our “CL” site users. July, August, and September for example are 50% booked up already      Mike

Sunsets are Golden and Glowing

The sunset over Wales will leave you in awe of the massive natural beauty of this rugged coast. Typically the sunrise and sunsets here are nothing short of spectacular. What better way to spend an evening than sipping a cold drink or a warm cup of tea surrounded by the reds and golds of a multi-hued Wales Sunset.

Bluebells on the Coast of Wales

English Bluebells are the most fragrant, though Spanish Bluebells are just as charming. Because English woodlands often contain deciduous trees and are quite open, they allow the necessary light for these lovely unassuming bulbs to pop up and flower prior to the trees coming into leaf. Where you find our native birches with their wonderful white trunks, the contrast with the bluebells is even more spectacular. The magic bluebells can be seen when looking over fields of bluebells in spring. Read the rest of this entry »

The Coastal Path

Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire’s coastal paths are part of the Heritage features of West Wales, with the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path being the only coastal national park of its kind in the UK. The 187 miles of the coastal path follows the dramatic cliff tops and offers unparalleled opportunities to see local wildlife, whether on land or at sea. Read the rest of this entry »

Cardigan Bay – A Special Area of Conservation

The amazing variety of wildlife and habitats of Cardigan Bay and the River Teifi make them exceptional and internationally significant environments. Declared Special Areas of Conservation, a European designation that helps to ensure the wildlife and their habitats are kept safe for future generations.
Read the rest of this entry »